General foot care usually refers to overall foot maintenance. It may mean trimming toenails, removing corns and callus, mobilizing joints and massaging the foot muscles or all of these things. Many people attend Podiatry clinics on a regular basis to have general foot care to maintain their foot health. The old adage of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is never truer than in the case of the feet.

Common toenail problems Podiatrists deal with are ingrown toenails, both infected and uninfected, Gryphotic (thickened) toenails, and Mycotic (Fungal) toenails. Whatever the problem with toenails is we have the solution, Podiatrists have many specialised tools for dealing with toenails, and often use local anaesthetic Gels or injections to ensure as little discomfort as possible while the treatment is being carried out.

Rather than wait until your feet are in pain, and you are having trouble walking, why not have regular treatment or check-ups and make sure they stay healthy.