Knee pain is common and can be the result of a wide range of causes and conditions. These problems include osteoarthritis, knee ligament injuries, Patellofemoral syndrome (patella maltracking ) inflammation of one or more of the hamstring tendons, and more deep issues such as cartilage damage or a meniscus tear.

A common condition seen in growing children and adolescents is called Osgood Schlatter’s syndrome. This is an inflammation of the bone at the top of the shin just below the knee and usually occurs during a growth spurt.

Many painful knee conditions are greatly helped by the use of custom made foot orthotics which can realign the foot and knee enough to stop the joint from grinding and allow it to move more freely again. Correctly assessing the cause of knee pain is essential in order to relieve it, at Prostep podiatry we have the most advanced Gait analysis equipment on the North Coast which ensures the correct analysis.