Mark has been working in Podiatry for over twenty years, during this time he has worked at Concord hospital, Canterbury Hospital, St George Hospital, and Sutherland hospital, as well as running his own private practices in Gymea, Sydney before moving to Coffs Harbour in 2008.

Mark Established the Sutherland Hospital High Risk Foot clinic in 2001. The clinic dealt predominantly with Diabetic Foot ulcers and high risk patients. He also lectured in High Risk Foot management to many groups including the Diabetes Education and Management course run by The University of Technology, Sydney.

Mark is an innovator in podiatry being one of the first people in Australia to incorporate a pressure and video gait analysis system into his practice in 2001. These systems enabled the practitioner to not only view a person’s gait but also determine the underfoot loading and weight transference of each step taken. The Bodytech system allows the operator to incorporate the footprints and scans and into the Orthotic design using the inbuilt EasyCAD software. These systems are reasonably common now, almost 20 years later, but without Mark and a few others this would not be the case.

In 2003 Mark completed a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management in order to better understand the challenges faced by the people he treated at the Sutherland hospital High Risk Foot clinic. He has also studied extensively in biomechanics and uses his knowledge of muscle chain behaviour to assist him in assessing gait issues.

As well as general Podiatry modalities Mark uses Dry Needling, massage, Exercise, Strengthening and stretching, TENS treatment and trigger point therapy in his daily treatment of client.

Mark has been a single parent of three children since January 2011. During this time he has managed to continue running his Podiatry Practice as well as raise his three children. They are now all in high school and presenting their own challenges with regards to foot care.