Sports Podiatry can incorporate Biomechanical assessments, gait analysis, neurological and vascular assessments, exercise therapy, dry needling, taping, massage, footwear advice, and custom orthotics. As sportsmen and sportswomen we often need more than one thing checked or treated to ensure we are able to continue in our chosen sport and compete or participate at our peak level. At Prostep Podiatry we have all the means to help you carry on at the top of your game.

Whether you’re worried about a recent injury, a biomechanical issue or unexplained pain, we will use the latest technology to assess the problem and provide a solution. At Prostep Podiatry we will also discuss with you preventative measures to help avoid injury in the future. This includes recommendations for Running shoes, Football boots, Netball shoes and other sporting footwear, and when appropriate, we will prescribe exercises, teach you strapping techniques and, if necessary, prescribe orthotics.